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Wall Cladding

White PVC Hygiene sheeting is available in 8' x 4' and 10' x 4' sheets in 2mm and 3mm thickness.
We also supply a full range of fittings to match the sheet
Applications: Cleanrooms, Kitchens and Dairy


  • Joiners
  • Edging Strips
  • Cover Strips
  • 1" and 2" angles
  • 3/4 and 1.5" Rivits
  • Internal and External corners



Hygiene Wall Cladding
Available in 8' x 4'/ 9' x 4' and 10' x 4' sheet sizes. Ideal for clean rooms, kitchens and prep areas.



main-141'' or 2'' angle
Available in 8ft lengths these strips are used to edge windows and doors. They are also used as corner pieces.


main-15J Trim
main-16Coving Strip
Coving strips are used to give a curved finish to both corners and ceiling joints.
main-17PVC Rivet
These PVC rivets are ideal for the fitting of PVC sheeting in any situation as unlike adhesives they don't perish or react to damp or freezing conditions. Available in 0.75'' and 1.5'' lengths.