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Multiwall Polycarbonate

Available in 25 mm 16 mm an 10mm
Application: Conservatories, Carports, Smoking areas

  • A wide range of sizes to suit any job
  • High light Transmission 82%
  • Class 1 Fire rating
  • UV Transmission 0%


  • Aluminium Glazing Bars
  • Polycarbonate Joiners
  • PVC End Closures
  • 10 Packs Mushroom Buttons
  • Vented Tape
  • F Sections PVC and Aluminium
  • Polycarbonate friendly sealant





Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheeting
Multi-wall Polycarbonate available in 4mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm and 40mm.

Commonly used in Conservatories, Mudrooms, Smoking Shelters Greenhouses
and Covered walkways. Provides insulation and stops condensation.



Multiwall Joiners
H-sections are used as joiners for Multi-wall Polycarbonate available in a range of
thicknesses and lengths. They provide a sealed joint while giving a seamless


F-sections available in either PVC or Aluminium can be used to
seal edges and also for aesthetics
to cap the sides of sheets.


Glazing Bar
Aluminium Glazing Bars used to join Multi-wall
Polcarbonate. Available in either White or Brown.


Mushroom Buttons
These buttons seal the honeycomb of the sheet to ensure sheet clarity.